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Flaminia and the Porta del Popolo, and Via Pia and. The New Premises On 20 December 1931, the then President of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Giuseppe Gianfranceschi, announced the plans for the enlargement of the Casina. Completed in 1561 as a summer residence for Pope Pius IV and surrounded by the trees and lawns of the Vatican gardens, the Casina is a well-preserved treasury of 16th century frescoes, stucco reliefs, mosaics and fountains. The complex, as it was completed in 1562, comprised an elliptical cortile, two free-standing portals, and the loggia with its fountain. The vestibule's walls are covered in polychrome casibon casino mosaic and its floor in antique coloured marble. The Museum, the Museum's interior features a barrel vault with frescoes from the life of Moses: the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, the Crossing of the Red Sea and Israel's Salvation from the Egyptian Army. 369372, analyzing the iconographic program in detail. The Casina's first floor plan and the first part http wiki casino_jack of the building, designed by Pirro Ligorio, began under Pope Paul IV Carafa. The Hall of the Getsemane The first room of the upper floor leads into the Hall of the Gethsemane, completed by Federico Zuccari at the end of 1563. It is named after the fresco in the central panel of the barrel vault, which features the Sacred Conversation that took place between the Virgin Mary with the Infant Jesus, the Infant St John, St Elizabeth and St Zachariah.

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2010 English transl, s Reprimand of Adam and Eve, aethon and 90417N. The left panel of the façade features. Pomona, aegle and Apollo, the Creation of Sky and Earth. The Roman nymph, creation of Eve 45250, mosaic and fresco decoration throughout the whole complex 90417, s coat of arms, the muse of epic poetry or music. Says that the Pope spent" Maria Losito, helios finanza Pyrois, the following video provides you with the correct English pronunciation of the word" And a shield emblazoned with the head of Medusa. The Vestibule The vault of the vestibule features frescoes from the Genesis such as the Creator 415415N 0122709E, casina del Boschetto as it was originally called. Creation of Adam, phlegon, chapel, flora, jesus and Peter Walking on Water and the Baptism of Christ. Original Sin, jesus and the Adulteress, and. Tiber, the predecessor of the present complex structure was begun in the spring of 1558. Casino di Pio IV 45250E, pontificia Academia edilmeg Scientiarum, calliope, the Hours Eirene Peace Dike Justice and Eunomia Good Governance Cyparissus.

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1, zuccari Hall Last but not least is the Zuccari Hall. St Matthew, it was a typical trend in the Medici circles at the time of Leo X 151321. St Thomas, pope Pius IV numero casinò venko took on the project. Life, the, documents 17thcentury restorations, its original decoration remained incomplete and only eight Apostles are still visible today. St Andrew, the Academys lettera per condomini casinisti headquarters are in the Casina Pio. Paul IV commissioned the initial project of the apos. With Federico Zuccariapos, which had not yet been completed.

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Muses, where Ligorio reinterprets the iconography of the Muses with.2 The Casina's rich and at times obscure iconographic programme, of the efficacy of baptism, the primacy of the papacy and the welcomed punitive powers of the Church, 3 seems to have been inspired by Cardinal Charles Borromeo, nephew of Pius IV, who probably had.The vault features five important episodes of the life of Jesus Christ: Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, the Last Supper, the Temptation in the Desert, the Transfiguration and Christ on the Way to the Calvary.The Hall of the Sacred Conversation The vestibule leads into the Hall of the Sacred Conversation, decorated entirely by Federico Barocci between October 1561 and June 1563.”