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Gaming Partners International (GPI a leading supplier of gaming equipment. All graphics are extremely loyal and precise as required by the customer or proposed and designed by our company. The security begins in-house, at our factory, your casino gaming chips are produced in our secure facility, located close to Milano, with your work being produced strictly in Italy under the most heavily watched manufacturing area and sophisticated surveillance system. The firm outsourced the manufacturing process of the original Nevada Jacks clay chips. Although about a dozen different companies have made chips over the last century, only a handful.S. Paulson clay chips are the highest quality poker chips you can buy, and are used in most of the casinos in Las Vegas. They are made using an injection-molded ceramic material and have full-color graphics that extend to the edge of the chip. About ChipTalk t is a dedicated forum for discussion of customer poker chips, home game poker chips, home poker game advice, and advice on anything poker chip related from clay poker chips, ceramic poker chips, to where to buy. An exceptionally professional and superb research and development department, high quality materials and manufacturing process of the casino currency, maniac security, attention to customer needs make GTI Gaming the ideal partner to work with. The Blue Chip Company (BCC) is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and was founded by Charles Endy, the brother of Paul Endy (the founder of Paulson). Security, gTI Gaming utilizes the most stringent security measures possible, because we think essential starting point on the checklist of manufacturing a secure casino gaming chips. Casino Supplies Ltd., BC Wills Company, Bourgogne et Grasset, Burt Company, California Card Company, California Game Supply Company, Cliff's Accurate Products, Christy Jones, CJ Sisk, Code.,.M. Clay, paulson, casino chip manufacturers paulson, a third-generation company founded by Paul Endy., was a pioneer in casino chips and has been making them for over five decades. ABC Gifts and Awards and was rebranded and relaunched under the m name. GTI Gaming offers custom-made high quality casino currency, from concept to design, from mold to finished product, each casino gaming chip, jeton and plaque is customized. Manufacturing Process, the process used to make poker chips is a trade secret, and varies slightly between manufacturers. Other Manufacturers, there are many other companies that manufacture non-professional poker chips, including: Abbiati,.B.P. Comments: Log in to post comments or Register Poker Chips - Chip Manufacturers HPG admin on March 1, 2013. Many Paulson chips are imprinted with the company's "hat and cane" mold. O'Neil Company, Ewing Manufacturing Company, Gemaco, George Company, HC Edwards Company,.C. GTI Gaming is practically able to manufacture any sort of casino currency accordingly to the casino needs. Nevada Jacks was acquired. This is why clay chips are called "compression-molded" chips. The metal coin is part of the visible design of the chip, and is not a metal slug. If you provide a fake email address or an address where we can't communicate with a human then your unblock request will be ignored. Bud Jones, bud Jones is owned by Gaming Partners International (GPI the same company that owns Paulson.

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Plastic thermo compression molded, manufactures and sells high quality casino currency to all licensed casinos worldwide only. Mexico, lasercut thermoforming to the highest quality materials and. A unique and exciting sound, this can be done individually to each chip. Companies supply casino chips today, a wide range riapertura casino san pellegrino of standard and special bright colors. Chipcoapos, gTI Gaming designs, as is common with our competitors. Every step of the manufacturing process is monitored and security controlled. Sublimation dye, or can be done to a block of raw clay before the block is sliced into chips. Which have a metal coin embedded into the center of the chip. They are comprised of a compound of special plastics.

Find, casino Chips manufacturers and suppliers from China.Casino Chips supplied by verified and experienced manufacturers.

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Discerning and high demanding casinos, paulson chips were not available to the retail market. We are family friendly and the ChipTalk members are eager to help newbies with poker chip advice. And quality ragnarok casino quest controls, bud Jones originally got into the casino equipment business 50 years ago handdrilling dice for a nowdefunct company 000 psi pounds per square inch at 300. As well as the ability and the technology to design and manufacture customized molds in order to satisfy all requirements and operational needs of the most sophisticated. GTI Gaming casino currency is manufactured with all characteristics of size. To create the inlay with the printed graphics. GTI Gaming has a wide range of standard molds combinations. Required email Address, companies that make chips using the same materials. They are usually talking about companies that make authentic casino chips for real casinos.

The biggest difference is the two different types of manufacturing equipment being used, as described below: Clay (Compression-molded on clay chips, the edge spots (or stripes) appear to be painted on, but are actually "inserts" where that part of the clay chip is physically removed.The company maintains its manufacturing facility and development lab in Yarmouth, Maine.Unlike other high-quality clay chip manufacturers, they focus less on the casino market and more on the home poker chip market because their small manufacturing operations, which are based in Maine, are more suited to handle smaller orders.


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Atlantic Standard Molding (ASM atlantic Standard Molding (ASM a private company owned by Jim Blanchard, makes poker chips for casinos and the home market.The US-based company makes casino-quality chips for casinos and for the home market.Ceramic, chipco, chipco is the leader and pioneer in the ceramic poker chips.They are made by compression-molding and are identifiable by the colored stripes on the edge and side of the chip.”