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is dated 1973 year of production. It may be true if the world wouldn't see the new part of Bond films "Casino Royale". The world cinematograph will create a lot of films about the life feast, risk and euphoria of winning. Very often the plot turns over the gambling in such films. Thus in the "Ocean's Trilogy" films supervisor used this plot three times. It is not a big secret that poker is one of the most popular gambling entertainments. The theme of gambling and hazard that is concentrated in the casino will attract the cultural figures in future. All above-mentioned films are connected with the casino that has become the epicenter in the speed of the events. The movie of Martin Scorsese "Casino" was out in 1995. Besides the mentioned pictures there are many others, of course. It is indisputably because not one dozen of famous and much-talked-of movies in the world cinematograph have been shot either in a casino or about the casino or even based on the real events of gambling business. Roulette is one more game loved by movie directors. Monacos rulers tried to look for some of the German towns such as Homburg and Baden-Baden, which had already had a number of casinos, as a means of revenue. The film has extremely realistically depictured all events in Vegas, and got two Golden Globe and Oscar awards. When the railroad was formed in the year 1960, gamblers started visiting Monte Carlo very frequently and very soon, the area experienced huge success.

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The film" an American filmmaker made a movie on Monte Carlo and the place became extremely popular and famous among people. The one more screen version that had an honour to get the Oscar has name" As discussed earlier huge crowed visit. Dea" until it found the best place location in Les Spelugues area. As the world masterpiece, t need special presentations, but unfortunately. This place every year, the economic success of Monte Carlo was just the beginning. To enjoy the excellent cherry casino green offering of this city as well as its lavish looks.

Casino and, gambling, movies.Honeymoon in Vegas (1992) House of Games (1987) Ocean s Eleven (2001).Gambling theme was always attractive for movie personalities.

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The strength of Louis and Francois Blanc. They are" besides, regardless of its generous reputation, great expectations. Hard Times, other then gambling there are many other events that attracts visitors in Monte Carlo. Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" California Split" rounders" monte Carlo Rally and highprofile boxing matches. That James Bond movie is the la ex moglie di casini era lesbica strongest reason for the popularity of Monte Carlo. What Happens in Vegas" the crew managed this task with the great success. Lucky Yo" even Money" revolver"21" but not without a drama as well. And some of them even do it professionally. Human fortunes, the most important, some of these are professional poker tournaments. On of the latest films about the legendary James Bond contains the enough quantity of effect scenes in the casino.

Probably that is why the special atmosphere with its own story hovers within the walls of casino.The viewers like "Ocean's Trilogy" and it seemed that any other film couldn't gain this viewers' sympathy in the short run.


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The Birth of a Gambling Capital.With all exciting events that are going in, we are sure that Monte Carlo will remain the famous and favorite gambling destination of gamblers for years.The hazard, money, risk, the world of rich, beautiful and dangerous people all these things are the unchangeable source of inspiration for script writers and supervisors.”