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carry on to the north. Whoresons Casino (Sided With Cleaver follow the quest marker to find Whoresons casino, which is along the eastern side of Novigrads central district, north-east of Hierarch Square. Why not help each other out? Ashrune, certificate, igor's Key, massage from Igor, mysterious Letter. The Gangs of Novigrad is a secondary quest available in, the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. If you clear the casino and the arena on your own before talking to Cleaver, you will not be able to talk to him anymore and you will be stuck at the "Think over Cleaver's offer to help you find Whoreson Junior" step. Exit Theatre Mode, the Gangs of Novigrad is a side quest in, novigrad. Whoresons Arena (Sided With Cleaver leave the casino and head south, turning east under an arch then go through a tunnel to the north. Before you can go after Dandelion, you need to find this Whoreson Junior character, and you have three places to search; the Casino, his house, and his arena. Enter a chamber occupied by several guards and go down a tunnel to the south. Geralt did not find Whoreson during his search with Cleaver's men, but do not think his time was wasted. Help Cleavers dwarves kill Whoresons henchmen in the room to the east, then loot the small chest on a table near the chair from which Igor once presided to find a "Message from Igor". Read the mysterious letter, then leave the secret chamber. Important Items in this Area, income and Outlays, list of Debtors. Whoreson Juniors Hideout, whether you accept Cleavers offer or not, its still not a bad idea to check out Whoresons hideout. Approach the eastern wall and Geralt will comment about some peculiar wear he spots on the floor. You wont win any cards here, but you can bet for a good deal of money (up to 100 Crowns). Enriched with this knowledge, Geralt continued his search for Whoreson alone. Head west along the southern end of Hierarch Square then take some stairs north to-and through-a tunnel, where youll find Cleavers henchmen. Read it to learn about some stash - Whoresons money. Journal entry, edit, when Geralt entered the, novigrad bathhouse, he happened to walk in on a meeting of the head of the city's criminal underworld. If you didnt side with Cleaver (or you just decide not to bring his goons along for some reason) youll have to talk to the Bouncers out front and either pick a fight, bribe them (200 Crowns) or use the Axii Sign on them. Letting Rico go however grants Geralt the quest, Honor Among Thieves. Objective Reward For finding Whoreson's documents 150. Breeze past the Bouncers and head down a series of stairs and through some gates.

Edit, more specifically tell Igor you want to the be a bouncer for the arena and he will decide to test your credentials by throwing you in the arena. Then decide whether to set him free or not. Kill all these critters and Whoreson Junior himself will show up to congratulate you. Apparently from an interrogation attempt, further east is a large cluster of foes including the leader of this operation. A group of angry dwarves tends to do that. Igor level thirteen, hell talk to Geralt and propose an alliance a Witcher is a mighty asset alongside some dwarven muscle. Or is it played only for the crowns. Go up a tunnel to the north. Deal with him how you wish and youll next have to face two brothers from Skellige who wield heavy weapons. Listen to what he has to say.

The Gangs of, novigrad - The, witcher 3 : Browse.All you have to do is agree to help the dwarfs men kill all of Whoreson Juniors men at his casino.The, witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

S offer to help you find Whoreson novigrad Junior. Reward, gangs of Novigrad players have the option to go in loud with the dwarves. If witcher you accept his offer, s dwarves outside, if you kill him. Will be separated depending on whether youre working with Cleaver or not. Activate your Witcher Senses to spot a secret door. Get Junio" it will remove any opportunity of finesse or subtlety when dealing with the" Because of that the arena and casino sections. South, objective, quest, then west again to reach the house youre looking for just in from of an arch. Help if the only reward is a couple of crowns with the Gwent option. Then follow the road north, and if youre going to do that.

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Your first foe will be Gustav Roone (level twelve).Talk to Cleaver and get your reward.Whoresons Casino (Did Not Side with Cleaver).


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Would choosing the Gwent option unlock Gwent cards for the player?Unfortunately, Cleaver picks this time to attack, which causes Whoreson to run off.Hes been worked over well enough by Whoresons men, and hes more than willing to talk to get out of here.”